BRP Global is a commodity trading company engaged in sourcing, transporting and supplying various agricultural commodities and feed components. BRP Global business focus is to procure commodities across global markets as per demand in target markets.

Our team of experts is leading the commodity trading and transport business for more than a decade with a very successful track record of supplier of raw materials in international markets, create complete chain of goods flow by good knowledge of finance, transport, logistics and trade.

We engage in the facilitation and sale of wide range of agricultural commodities including soft and hard wheat, rye, barley, maize, triticale and rapeseed. Feed components are also key products in company’s portfolio including wheat and rye bran, feed flour, DDGS and variety of meals.

Professional relationships with processing and feed industry, trust among clients and flawless execution of the contracts are key factors of company’s success. BRP Global is ready to face challenges of modern commodities market and offers consistent and long-lasting cooperation. 

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